Develop a Wider Swing Arc for Longer Distances with the LagBuilder™ - The LagBuilder™


Lag your way to longer distance

Clubhead speed is key for long distances, and building lag in your swing is the best way to create that speed.

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Lag Building BenefitsThe Keys to Getting More Distance

  • The Lag Builder trains you to widen your swing arc in your backswing; an essential move in creating more lag for longer distance.
  • Eliminate bending in your forward arm, and create a bigger, fuller shoulder turn.
  • Have a wicked slice? The Lag Builder can prevent you from rolling your arms too much in the backswing.



Great for Putting too.
Too much wrist play in your putting?

Practice with the Lag Builder to take your wrists out of your putting stroke.

Up Close with the Lag Builder

Build BIG distance from a SMALL package.

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